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SCiFi UNITY | What is the future of unity?

`Will there be unity in future? Or in the future, will there be disunity?

'SCiFi UNITY' is an upcoming community portal and 'think tank' for public information, articles and discussion about the future of unity on our planet and beyond.

According to Wikipedia, 'Unity' is the state of being undivided or unbroken. Yet, even in the 21st century, disunity still appears to be prevalent around the globe and divisions still exist across geographic, political, cultural, religious, gender, social, technological, environmental and economic lines.

Science Ficiton often presents us with future stories and visions of potential utopias or looming dystopias, but in which direction are we really headed...? SCiFi UNITY begins this discussion with the view that Earth, our planet, is but a single Island floating through space, and that its resources and ability to support life and our population are limited (like the historic lesson of Easter Island).

Is 'unity' the key to our future survival? Does disunity cause our established systems not to work? How might future solutions for unity be achieved? With broad sweeping access to websites across the Future.cX ™ network and SCiFi Cloud ™, our portal is open to anyone who seeks to add to the discussion about the future of unity or disunity in its many forms... - David Michael Chen Founder (Science Fiction Computer).

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